cholesterolHigh cholesterol - FALSE!

There is no scientific evidence which has proved that there exists a direct connection between the level of cholesterol in our blood and the quantity of consumed eggs.

jajka Eggs are recommended in many diets - TRUE!

Eggs are fundamental ingredients in a well-balanced diet. Eating eggs is recommended by doctros to be in good health.



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reserchReserch & Development

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bobo jajo, jaja dla dzieci, suflidowo jaja"BOBO EGG"

"Bobo egg" is an egg of the finest quality - clean, germ-free (in 99,9%), undamaged and the most fresh. This is a product which has come into being out of concern for the health and satisfaction of our customers.

zzn banTo make your meals even more delicious.

We recommend germ-free eggs of an excellent quality. Thanks to a well-chosen fodder, "Naturally Yellow" eggs have an exceptional taste.